What I Know about RC Monster Trucks


A little bit of background

Ever seen the Transformers? So you must still remember Wheelie the wild kid. Don’t be cheated by its small size. It can unleash chaos like no other Autobots. So why am I talking about Wheelie? Well as its name suggests, it transforms into RC monster trucks. Wheelie’s not real, but RC monster trucks are. When stationary, you probably would question RC monster trucks’ agility and speed. But once set in motion, you will be amazed at what it’s capable of in those two departments. That’s especially true for the top-rated RC trucks. So let’s talk about RC monster trucks today.

What RC monster trucks do?

You probably have seen the monster truck show: rows of cars being crushed by a dominant truck with oversized wheels. Many still dream about driving the real deal, but for many this can only be a dream. RC monster trucks offer an alternative. These are the scaled down version of the real thing. But make no mistake, they are no small fries. In fact, they can outperform their original-sized counterparts if they are in their actual size. RC monster trucks are not designed for crashing other cars. They are built for bashing over the most challenging terrains that are unimaginable to any other vehicles, even including the full-sized monster trucks. Rock, grass, sand, or mud, these are the comfort zones for RC monster trucks. Wheelie, jumping, even flip are never an issue for the RC monster trucks. Tough terrains are not the only places for RC monster trucks. Some trucks can even outpace racers on the pavement. I still remember the first time I saw the brutal acceleration of E-Revo brushless edition with 6s Lipo. My jaw just hung there for a long while. You really have to see it to believe a model truck doing a 0-60 in 4 seconds. Just imagine if scaled-up, how brutally it will pick up speed. The big RC trucks sale was witnessed in some of the fastest monster trucks.


Big wheels!

The most noticeable part of the RC monster truck is the oversized wheels. The big wheels mean greater possibility. Once again you may not think RC monster trucks are agile and highly maneuverable for the look of it. But with the help of sturdy chassis, smooth shocks and high-torque servos, they could dash up the 70-degree ramp, or have some water fun if they boast waterproofness.


Gas or electric?

RC monster trucks can be roughly divided into two groups: hobby-level and toys. I have mentioned the division in other articles and please check it out. In the power department, they fall into two categories: electric and gas. As I wrote this article most of the RC monster trucks have gone electric in the best RC truck market. I mourn for the past when the sound of nitro engine dominated the RC dirt tracks. I used to resist the trend by sticking to the gas. Because there was nothing like the roar of the engine that can better trigger adrenalin. But almost all the nitro engines are very unfriendly to beginners. I still remember the frustration of tuning a carburetor. You just have to constantly searching for the sweet spot between too rich or too lean (air/fuel mixture). But once you have adjusted the needle valves, the result was very rewarding. Sorry for saying it, but when you are bashing a gas truck, everyone would think you are a serious hobbyist. Those are the good old days of mechanical beauty.


Trend in the RC universe

Nitro engines are on the way out, there’s no doubt about it. The RC universe is like real world. And the trend in the RC world reflects what’s going on in the real world. The changes taking place in the RC circle came faster than in the scaled up world. No more fine-tuning the needle valves. And no more roar (or noise, for that matter) to draw complaints from your neighbor. In nitro engine’s place, there’s now the more compact, more powerful, more linear, and cleaner motor.

So which one do you prefer? Gas or electric? To be honest I don’t know how I would answer this question. For pure convenience’s sake, I’ll go for electric. And some of the fastest RC monster truck are electric. But I will never forget the impulse unleashed by the nitro engine. Either way gas will persist for a while. So enjoy the roar while it still lasts.

So that covered the basics about the RC monster trucks. For more please read my review articles for the unbiased opinion. Looking for top-rated RC trucks? You are in the right place.


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