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About this website

About this website :

Welcome to RC Car Club! This is a place where you not only can find useful information about hobby-grade remote control cars, but in particular remote control monster trucks for kids and beginners alike. Over the years there have been numerous websites serving RC hobbyists, often overwhelming the beginners as they had no clue about the terms and jargons, and more importantly, what’s the right RC vehicle for beginners.

I hope RC Car Club can help you make the first few steps into the RC world, and enjoy the simple fun. I firmly believe that price doesn’t determine the fun factor of the RC model. So anyone can find the best RC model at the right price. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, or whether you are searching for detailed information like the fastest remote control truck or the best electric RC 4×4 truck, I will try to provide such information through my unbiased reviews or you can post your inquiries and comments, I will answer them based on my own experience.   First off, a bit about myself: I wasn’t a born monster truck enthusiast, and never got carried away by the scene of cars being flattened by oversized wheels. That being said, I still remember the first time I saw a RC monster truck at the local park, totally mesmerized by the fact that something so fast and agile could be so responsive to the signals sent remotely. That’s when I first started dreaming about heaving my own RC monster truck.   Into adulthood, I started growing a fleet of various trucks, ranging from hobby-grades to toys. As I felt my way through the RC realm, I had a mixture of experiences, some joyful, some frustrating. I came across so many websites dedicated to hardcore RC hobbyists, that beginners find these sites intimidating. For people like me who are searching for cheap RC cars or trucks, or best RC trucks for kids, it would be rather hard to find a website for such information, and it seems to me that a certain group of RC players have been long ignored. This website is for all the RC fans, and remote control monster truck fans in particular.


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