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I was really excited about TRAXXAS’s announcement that they will build an XL monster truck right from scratch, confirming their return to the rc monster truck root. That was probably one of the most exciting news in the RC world for the year. And the XMAXX has every reason to become a big RC trucks sale.

Even with forewarnings from the early birds who have tried to rein-in the beast, my jaw stilled dropped at the size of the thing. To help you better appreciate the massiveness of the monster, here’s what it looks like comparing when setting against an iPad Pro. With such a big size, XMAXX is probably not the best RC truck beginners.

At first I thought the outer layer of the package made it look bigger, I was proven wrong when the cardboard was opened:

And that’s pretty much everything included. One more time, you really have to see for yourself how big it is.  To a brand such as TRAXXAS, no detail is too small, and it ensures that every aspect of this giant beast is cared for. The new body mounting system was a great success as the traditional post and pin could not hold the body as firmly. Though most referred to it as a 1/5, it is really hard to fit it into a scale reference, as it is over one foot high and nearly 2.5 feet long. There’s simply nothing in the range of 1/5 comparable to this beast. It could easily conquer the best RC truck market.

Frankly speaking I never expect it to be a cheap Traxxas RC cars sale.

The interior of the beast was just as well defined, yet does deviate from the intimidating trait of this monster machine.  The cabling was extremely elegant and simple with barely any noticeable connectors.

Traxxas promised a brand new design, and so they did. The first thing I noticed were the shock towers: they were integrated as part of modularized chassis. The modular chassis design was never seen on any other Traxxas product line before. Later during our preliminary test, this design turned out as solid as it looked, this was achieved by taking as many moving parts as possible out of the equation. The downside was even more apparent: a cracked tower calls for the replacement of the whole exterior module. But this would be an unlikely occasion considering how much impact it could take. The modular design also made it far easier for the cabling and routing and that in part explains the streamlined and clean gut of this monster truck. The motor sits in a separated section and is held in place by pins.

I seriously did not want to bash this truck on the first day of delivery, since I was mesmerized by every single detail of it. But locking the beast in the cage would definitely spoil the spirit of XMAXX. So let’s hit the road.

XMAXX conquering the summit.

The first test I ran on this truck was for its self-righting function. I intentionally (yet carefully, as I wanna keep its body smooth for as long as possible) flipped the truck upside down and held the set button. Wheels started spinning and it got back on its tires in about 3 seconds. I tested the feature on different surfaces and it worked pretty well. So in most cases it saved me the long walk to pick the truck.

With a 4s 40 C battery in place, the monster gained traction unexpectedly fast, though the steering was quite tricky. With too much weight up high, it’s prone to roll. The tires were molded with soft compound so I don’t expect it to last long over asphalt. Cornering takes quite a bit of skill and better go easy on the throttle before approaching the bend, otherwise there will be new scratches all over the place. The servo felt too soft and unresponsive even though it was powerful enough to steer the beast.

It all came down to size when it hit some bumps and it excelled over the tough terrain. I was amazed by its aerial maneuver and it eats through bumpy surfaces effortlessly.  Rocks that used to tip over my other regular-size trucks posed little threat to the mad king, which gobbled the obstacle with but a tiny nod. When TRAXXAS announced that they wanted to build a truck that would tackle anything, well, they kept their words.  With a truck this size, it’s not the machine’s limit that was put to test, but the driver’s own boldness.  During the test, there was barely anything that could even make the truck hesitate, that was, of course, before cornering, which was disaster at best.  Thanks to the TSM, even on slick surface it would not drift off course frequently, and I cannot imagine how the truck could negotiate any corner with the TSM switched off. This beast is not a remote control cars kids.

Wrap up: even actually put my hands on this monster I still could not believe the size of it. Size is definitely the highlight of the truck, yet the innovative spirits of the Traxxas R&D team were not outshined by the size. XMAXX is for sure an epic product for anyone adventurous enough. Smashing power, fantastic aerial maneuverability, solid build…if its mid-air hang doesn’t cause your adrenaline to hike, well, nothing will.



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