Distianert 1/18 Scale 4WD Review

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0/5 on 四月 3, 2018

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1.Great suspension;

2. Hobby-grade engineering;


4. Two stock battery packs.


1.relatively short control range.


Our final verdict? Well, this truck is definitely worth every penny you spend on it. Smaller motor and scale mean easier maneuverability and greater tolerance for mistakes. We recommend this truck to the newcomers to the RC realm.

One of the best looking remote control monster trucks for kids

For a long while the RC universe were dominated by hobby-grade rc model with steep price tags. The toy producers have been closely following the trend and then started hitting the RC truck market with their products. We have tested a few toys (Maisto R/C Rock Crawler  Gizmovine Mud RC Monster Truck  BigSmyo 1/16 Remote Control Buggy)before and were amazed at their performance. Then we started wondering. Has the boundarys between toys and hobby-grade RC models been blurred to the point beyond recognition? Or is it possible to buy a real RC model at the price of toy?  For now we just let this doubt slip for a moment while focusing on the test subject of the day: Distianert 1/18 Scale 4WD. This is one of the best remote control monstertrucks kids. And this is also one of the best electric rc 4×4 truck in the market.


On the spectrum, with toy at one end and hobby-grade RC model at the other, the Distianert is definitely on the closer end to RC model. With four independent suspensions, it resembles hobby-grade model as far as basic structure is concerned. With a sub-100 dollar price tag, it could be one of the most serious-looking toys. Or it could be one of the best valued RC models on the market, depending on your own definition of toys and RC models.

The RTR version includes two battery packs, each allowing around 12 minutes of running time, depending on the driving style. In that sense, the two stock batteries offer around 20 minutes’ bashing. The running time is not bad for a toy truck.

The body is attached to the chassis by the same clips on the hobby-grade models, and looks quite realistic. The body sits quite low, giving the truck a very aggressive look, which reminds me of the Savage flux. That said, the low clearance was a concern, but the truck overcame the rough terrain with much ease.

What underneath the body was quite impressive too. I frankly hadn’t expected something of this quality from a truck in this price range. The motor comes with its own cooling fins. The battery compartment locks tight. The single servo is well positioned and generates more than enough steering power for this small-scale RC truck. The tires’ deep tread ensure great off-road maneuverability and great grip on the flat surface. Four big block shocks look just as tough as expert-grade RC models. The shocks rightly give us confidence to jump the truck off ramps. The chassis is quite solid and almost all the screws are tightened with gasket.

Test Drive

Then we took the truck out for a spin. With the price tag in mind, we didn’t expect much out of this truck. But what we saw on the tough terrain proved us wrong. The truck was every bit as good a performer as a scaled-down regular RC model. The fun is almost the same, without pressure of controlling much more powerful truck with a far bigger motor.

The steering was great on this truck and the servo was quite responsive. We suggest that user keep the gears lubricated though, if you are thinking about pushing the truck to its very limit. But all in all this is one of the best monster trucks for kids and adult alike. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for the best electric rc 4×4 truck.


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