Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Review

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0/5 on 三月 31, 2018

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1. Great build quality;

2. 2.4 GHz remote control;

3. Oil-filled shocks;

4. Powerful 540 motor;

5. Tough chassis


Thin body plastic


We recommend this truck to beginners or casual drivers who want to have a taste of the real hobby truck fun. It remains one of the most popular beginner truck for several reasons such as good-value-for-money and beginner friendliness. Do buy some spare parts, in particular front suspension as they tend to break. The waterproofed electronics made a run in the rain possible.


The Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX is one of the best-selling RC monster trucks under 200 dollars, and heaving heard of so many positive feedbacks about it I was craving for a spin with this truck.  A couple days spent with this RC truck further consolidated my opinion that it is one of the best hobby RC trucks that are available on the market.

When I had my first look of the truck I was pleasantly surprised with its build quality. Redcat Racing is a renowned company whose product lines are known for their quality. My first impression of the truck was that it is worth every penny. The paintwork was excellent and the body is solidly built, even on par with such big names as Traxxas and HPI. The pleasant surprises didn’t stop just there, the build quality of the chassis was equally as good as, if not better than, the body: the eight shocks not only give the truck a robust and bulky look,  but also take the impact perfectly after a hard landing. There was no leak from the aluminum-capped shocks and everything looks neat. The tires are firmly glued to the rim and wheels rolled smoothly with no wobble. We passed the truck around for closer inspection, but no flaw was detected and everyone agrees that this is definitely a finely tuned RC and Redcat is a serious manufacturer of high-quality, hobby-grade RC trucks in its own right.

The RTR version comes with a 7.2v, 2000  mAh NiMh battery pack and its charger, so all you need are AA batteries for the remote control and off you go. The stock battery can power the truck for around 20 minutes (without brutal bashing, that is) , but for a beginner’s truck, the battery life passed the hobby-grade.

The most noticeable parts of the truck are the anodized aluminum shock caps and the battery holder. Within this price range, we didn’t expect many metal parts out of this truck.

What makes this truck stand out of its likes in the price range is the waterproofed electronics. It is probably one of the cheapest trucks with waterproof servo and controllers. We later tested by running the truck on some wet tracks (but we never tried to push too hard by submerging the truck, of course) and the electronics came out just fine. But the metal gears in the transmission still need some grease every time after fun play with water.


With a 540 motor and the stock battery, we didn’t expect this truck to be fast. During our test it maxed at 20 miles per hour, Though not a sprinter, the truck makes a perfect beginner’s first truck since it won’t spin out of control from a sudden push of throttle. Wheelie would be hard for this truck and it is not built for such purpose anyway. For entry-level drivers we strongly recommend to upgrade the battery, do remember to switch Esc to LiPo mode if you want to go lithium.

We ran the truck over a number of bumps and the 8 shocks absorbed impacts pretty well. Considering the price tag, even with the good reputation we didn’t push the truck too hard: we seldom ran full throttle before the jump and always released the throttle before the landing. The aerial maneuverability was fine, but because of the limited power output the air time was reasonably short.  The weight distribution was generally fine but the truck didn’t look quite elegant while in the air. A word about the front suspension, though: it is quite vulnerable and breaks easily, do get some spare parts.

The servo responded well and the truck took the corner quite well even over rough terrains thanks to the 4wd transmission. The large wheels and high clearance made off-road bashing a breeze.



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