Blexy Remote Control Rock Crawler Review

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  1. One of the best-looking monster trucks under $60;
  2. 2.4 GHz control;
  3. Led headlights;
  4. Flexible suspension, adaptive to various terrains


  1. two separate motors mean more moving parts;
  2. unknown noise when steering.


This is another derivative of the proven design, and Blexy made the right decision playing safe. If you are looking for speed then skip this truck, but if you are like me, preferring to spend a rainy afternoon at home and do some crawling, then Blexy is your safe choice.


I can’t remember which company was the first to come up with the two-motor design for toy RC monster trucks/crawlers. So far almost all the RC monster truck producers stick to the golden design with one motor in the front and the other in the rear. This tried-and-proven design has many advantages, for instance balanced weight distribution, and absence of shaft transmission. (I reviewed another RC monster truck with similiar structure, check it out here) This simple (and lazy) design is highly replicable and thus it has been used by virtually all the 4wd RC monster trucks for kids on the market. Today, I will introduce Blexy RC crawler. This is one of the most reasonably priced crawlers you can find at the RC crawler store. 

Size-At 1/14 scale (which I think is not a common scale), the truck is fairly large for a toy. Oversized wheels are the most noticeable part of the truck. And high clearance promises greater passibility.

Body-This truck is no exception. But it stands high on the quality level. Frist off, the body. Instead of using metal (metal body has been a major selling point for so many trucks, to the point where it stops being a feature), Blexy had a welcome return to plastic body. I personally believe that plastic is the most safe and suitable material for toy RC monster trucks. Because the light weight and possibilities for more details. The headlights are not just decoration, they lit up once the truck is switched on.

Suspensions-The next best thing about this truck is its suspensions. Hats off to Blexy for making such responsive and supportive shocks. Though a far cry from the oil-filled shocks on the hobby-grade trucks, this is by far one of the most impressive shocks I’ve ever seen. The shocks did a great job pinning the wheels down, and were quite flexible thanks to the absence of central transmission shaft.

Build qualityThese days even the monster trucks for kids and beginners are of great build quality. They are even on par with some of the hobby-grade trucks made by big names such as Traxxas and HPI. I am rather happy with Blexy’s build quality. The edges on the body are well polished, and tires are firmly secured to the rims. We are quite confident of the durability considering the sound track record of Blexy.

Battery and charger-Included in the pack are a 6V 700mAh battery and a USB charger. Still I suggest that user not to plug it into the computer USB port. Because the charger will damage the motherboard. 3 AA batteries for the remote control also come with the pack.


Road Test

As its name suggests, we didn’t expect it to be a fast runner. Instead of subjecting it to the rocky terrains we first put together some cardboard boxes and created some obstacles with what’s at hand. The sluggishness is more than compensated by the high torque. The tires are wide for better grip, and high clearance made box-climbing a breeze. Once again do not try to run the truck over challenging terrains saved for hobby-grade crawlers such as Axial Rock Crawlers.

Though two motors mean more moving parts, this design also guarantees greater power (compared with the single motor, rear drive monster trucks) and torque. This design will continue to dominate most of the similar products on the market.


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