KELIWOW 1/12 4WD RC Monster Truck

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0/5 on 三月 31, 2018

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1. Low center of gravity;

2. Led lights for night run;

3. Good build quality;

4. Hobby-grade, full-proportional;

5. Waterproof


long charging time

When I first saw the pictures of Keliwow 1/12 RC monster truck on the internet, I was immediately intrigued! The part monster truck, part buggy, and part crawler look was just fascinating. The suspension arms extended well beyond the chassis, giving it a spider-like stance ready to launch at its prey. Will the unique design successfully translate into pragmatic performance? After the test run we now have the answer.


The truck looks every bit as fantastic as it is on pictures. Right out of the box we were amazed by the scale looking detail on this truck. The body is tilted toward the front, giving it a defiant look. The most noticeable feature on the body are the six led lights, two headlights and a LED bar of four that sits on the roof, which really help when you want to run the truck in the dark. Deep tread pattern on the sticky tire promises good grip. A look under the hood reveals neat cabling and a compact layout of electronics and motor. The motor and ESC come with their own cooling fins. Included are two 3.7v, 1500Mah 18650 Li-ion batteries. So you can use your own chargers if you happen to be flashlight hobbyist. This is what I love about this truck: you can always buy some spares to extend the play time since 18650 are always readily available on the market. The bad news is long charging time using the stock charger: it takes up to nearly 3 hours for a full charge. Running time varies from 10 minutes to 18 minutes depending on your driving style. According to Keliwow, all the electronics are waterproof and a run in the rain or snow should be a breeze, yet still don’t try to submerge the truck, since the truck is not watertight. The four independent shocks work smoothly and boost our confidence in taking the truck to the air.

At 1/12 scale this truck doesn’t take a large footprint, nor does it look as intimidating as big block RC monster trucks, yet it’s agile where it’s short in size.

Test ride

Since this is a proportional, fully functioning RC model, we gave it a full swing during our test. The truck reaches its top speed of 25 mph in no time, and the acceleration was almost the same on sandy surface and paved road alike. The suspension stood the test of fast jump and bashing. The chassis were quite sturdy and not a nut came loose after much punishment. There was no doubt about the build quality of this truck.

In order the test the waterproof feature we ran the truck in a puddle (without submerging the chassis), and the truck handled it well without glitch. But there was water dripping out of the battery compartments, so we still suggest to avoid wet surface where possible.

The air time was great and aerial control was fine for a truck costing less than 120 dollars. A drop of 3 feet causes no trouble to this little beast.


This is a solid 1/12 scale RC monster truck from a trust-worthy producer. The build quality is great and you can always find substitute batteries on the market. If you are looking for speed and off-road ability out of a truck, then this is for you.



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