Maintenance after Water Fun with RC Monster Truck


How RC trucks maintenance after water fun :

Waterproof electronics doesn’t necessarily mean zero maintenance,actually there are several follow-ups that you have to do to ensure optimal performance for your truck. Actually the maintenance is more arduous than if you choose to let your truck stay on dry ground.


Why the need for maintenance if the truck is waterproof?

You may ignore our advice and just dry your truck naturally to bash for another day. The truck’s power system may still work, yet you may end up with noisy gears and rusty bolts, or in some severe cases, jam in gearbox. So remember to service the power parts of your truck, that way you can help keep your RC monster truck at peak performance. During our previous test of the SUMMIT 1/10 we ran the truck into the water and had some great fun. Yet after the fun water ride the first thing we did was to service the power parts, and the followings are what we did. After the run, the truck’s got water all over. The first thing we did was to find a repair shop where we used blower gun to dry the ESC, motor, cables, and couplings. Do not direct the blower toward the fan of ESC as it may force the blade to turn and damage the fan, so jam the fan before blowing. Then remove the ESC box by loosening the bolts to show the cooler fins. Clean the fin of debris before hot-blowing the power part, or you use hair blower to dry the whole lot. When the ESC is dry we moved on to motor, and here’s where the bearing oil comes in. It is critical to keep motor bearings well-oiled and water fun or not, just oil the motor bearing n a regular basis. If there is a bearing for the motor shaft, keep it lubricated as well.


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