Gizmovine Mud RC Monster Truck Review

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 1. Pre-painted splatter;

2. Deep tread on the tires;

3. Original body design.


1.Shocks are for decoration only


One of the best buys you can have for less than 40 dollars, and the fun it packs is way more than you can buy with 40 bucks.


Gizmovine has had a successful run with a number of products. These products had helped boosted the toy company up to one of the most prominent positions on the RC monster truck market. So I am pumped to test the 1/16 scale Mud RC monster truck toy, the latest released by Gizmovine. Gizmovine is also known for making cheap rc cars trucks with great quality. So will this truck live up to the reputation of Gizmovine? Let’s find out. 

When I received the monster truck the first thing that caught my eyes was the pre-painted mud splatter on the side and the wheels of the truck, echoing the mud in its name. The paint was so real that I tried to rub it when I first saw it.  As far as my memory goes, this could be the only truck with pre-painted splatter on it. Depending on if you like your truck clean or a seasoned, tough look, you may find this monster truck disturbing or fascinating. But I do think this is one of the best cheap rc cars trucks. For more information on trucks with similiar build, please read my article on INTEY Amphibious monster truck.


The plastic body is firmly attached to the chassis and quite hard to remove. So unlike most hobby-grade RC monster trucks whose battery is stored underneath the body, the mud monster truck’s battery compartment is hidden beneath the chassis. And this compartment can only be accessed after a screwed-in cover is removed. On the plus side the battery won’t fall out during the bashing.

Battery and charger

Also included in the package are a USB charger and battery pack. The battery pack can power the monster truck for around 20 minutes and takes about 1 hour to charge.  I strongly recommend against charging the battery using the USB port on your computer, since over time the high electric current may damage the motherboard and the USB port.

The shocks on the truck are more of a decoration and do not expect the truck to launch off a steep slope and survive the jump. That said, the shocks do give the truck a more realistic look.

The tires have deep tread and look like that they grip well, and it turned out to be the case during our road test.

The overall build quality of the truck was fine. Considering the money you pay for it, the truck is indeed great value-for-money.  The etching on the truck was delicate and no detail was too small.  Though quite a lot of RC toys are now equipped with 2.4G receiver and transmitter, this truck was one of the few in this price range to have the 2.4G system.

Road test

Instead of taking the truck to the dirt track, we simply tested the truck in the courtyard.  The truck is way faster than most of the trucks in this price range.  To our surprise the truck did exceptionally well on the paved road. The steering was great and the truck was very responsive to the press on the throttle. Then we tested the truck to the grass, though the truck was quite light and frequently failed to press down the grass, performance of tires more than compensate it.  Gizmovine  still makes the best cheap rc cars trucks.


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