Distianert 1:16 Scale Electric RC Monster Truck Review

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0/5 on 四月 4, 2018

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Great details;
Two battery packs;
2.4 GHz receiver and controller;
Reasonable price;


Not enough grip due to the tread pattern


This is a toy, so don’t expect it to jump high or conquer obstacles. But if you want to have a taste of childhood, just like me, then this is the right truck for you. If you are looking for the quality gift for your kid, then this is one thing that can bring a big grin to your kid’s face.

When I was a kid I never had cool toys. Whenever I walked pass the park and saw the kid playing with RCs, I really wished that one day I could have my own RC monster truck. RC worked like magic to me, since back then all I had was a car connected to a switch controller with a cable. For me then, what those kids had were the best remote control monstertrucks kids.

Into the adulthood, I finally could afford my own RC fleet, yet overtime the rush of adrenaline from unboxing and bashing the RC monster trucks gradually receded, giving way to an emptiness I felt when I saw other kids play with RC trucks in my childhood. Then I started searching for something that I never got the chance to have. The simplistic joy of controlling a model monster truck with no stress set me to hunt for a truck that brings back that part of my memory. Then I came across the Distianert 1:16 RC monster truck, which, as our test later suggested, was one of the t best remote control monstertrucks kids. This is definitely one of the cheap rc cars trucks.


Though the unboxing has already lost its magic on me, I’m still intrigued with what’s inside the box. When I finally got my hands on the truck my childhood memory rushed back. This is a feeling that can not be fulfilled by the hobby-grade RC models, it’s more like a childhood dream comes true. The emptiness was finally filled up with the excitement.

This Distianert is definitely a toy, but it is cool one. Like a ot of others in thie price range, it follows the two-motor design. (I reviewed another truck with similiar design). The details were never lost on the body, and it is one of the few RC monster trucks that are protected by roll bars. Though the truck is not designed for rough terrains, a little bit of extra protection is always welcomed.

The tire tread pattern is quite simple and I didn’t expect much grip from it. The plastic rims look good and realistic. The overall design of the truck reminds me of Axial’s mini-yeti.

Pistol grip controller has now become a standard for most of the RC toys on the market, and most come with 2.4GHz transmitter. I still remember the early radio controller for which I had to stockpile AA batteries just to keep the transmitter going. Now all you need is just 3 AA batteries.

Distianert was kind enough to include two batteries packs, with each offering around 10 minutes’ playing time. The USB charger tops each battery up in about 1 hour, but once again I do not recommend using your computer to charge the battery.

Road Test

What is a better place to test the truck than the park that I visited so many times as a child? I took the Distianert first to the grass and it fared fine. Even with light weight and short size it managed to conquer the grassland with ease. The same cannot be said when I took it to the next level: sandbox, which posed too great a challenge for the 2WD. All it did was digging into the sand.

Speed wise, this is not one of fastest RCs on the road, but maxing out at 8 mph, it’s quite fast by toy’s standard. The steering was crispy, though not proportional, but it’s more than enough to turn the truck around.


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