BigSmyo 1/16 Remote Control Buggy Review

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0/5 on 四月 1, 2018

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  1. Top quality for the price range;
  2.  Body full of detail.


  1. 6 AA batteries are needed for the remote control;
  2. 2wd.


This is perhaps one of the best RC toys on the market, and one of the best gifts for kids and adults alike. It is engineered and structured in a manner similar to hobby-grade RC truck, and with it you could have the first taste of what it feels like to drive a RC monster truck.


As I have mentioned in earlier articles that the boundary between toys and hobby-grade models has been so blurred that I sometimes could not tell one from another.Because most RC toys now come with 2.4g control and transmitter, battery pack, among other accessories that only hobby-grade models used to have in the past. But now the exclusivity has changed on the RC truck market. Some of the best rc trucks kids now come with the hobby-grade designs.

As one of the biggest RC toy producers in the world, BigSmyo has offered a number of options on the market. This producer is known for creating quality products at reasonable prices, as is the case with this 1/16 buggy that we are going to review today. One correction though: by the look and the structure of it, this is not a RC buggy, but a RC truck, and one of the best RC trucks for beginners. And I also believe that it is one of the best rc trucks kids.

When I unboxed the truck the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a hobby-grade RC truck: the awesomely pre-painted body, oversized tires with delicately-patterned tread, rim strong in detail, and the list goes on and on. It even has fully-functioning shock absorbers! Everyone in the room agreed that this truck definitely is worth every penny of its sub 40 dollar price tag. The paint job was particularly awesome. And it reminded me of a truck that I reviewed earlier. Please read my review of Gizmovine mud RC monster truck. 

At 11.8*7.86*5.1inch, it’s quite compact by the standard of hobby-grade RC model. With so many toys reach the 1/10 or even 1/8 scales, this 1/16 scale truck is a piece of exquisite toy.

The truck comes with its own battery which takes about 1 hour to top up with the stock charger. Once fully charged the battery packs enough juice to keep the truck going for 12 minutes. The remote controller needs 6 AA batteries which are not included in the pack.

The truck is 2wd and I don’t expect to buy a 4wd at this price. A quick word: you may find a two-motor 4wd for a similar price, but it’s al most impossible to get a single motor, shaft-driven truck in this price range. The tires are firmly glued or attached to the rim, and cannot be changed.

Test Drive

Again, considering that this is a toy, we spare it the torture that we usually saved for hobby-grade models, and instead just tested the truck in the courtyard, where there is a safe combination of grass and paved surface. The truck did well on either terrain and thanks to the shock absorbers, it handles little bumps exceptionally great. We didn’t jump the truck, though, since we know it’s not designed for this purpose. The truck runs with great stability thanks to its weight of around 2.2 pound. The steering is not proportional, again quite understandable with the price in mind. But the steering mechanism does its job fairly well. It’s fun to run the truck on smooth surface as it tends to drift a lot.


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