Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Review

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0/5 on 四月 2, 2018

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  1. Proven dual motor design;
  2. Low price;
  3.  Decent quality;
  4. 2.4 Ghz remote control.


  1. lack of original features


Maisto RC Rock Crawler is one of the best toy-grade RC crawlers on the market. Though a toy it is a primer for those who are already interested in the realm of RC. In other words, this is an ideal RC monster truck for kids and beginners alike.


Over the past decade the  best RC truck market thas been flooded with toy-grade hobby RC monster trucks and crawlers. Many companies had already tried but failed to introduce a product that attracts serious hobbyists’ attention. Now Maisto, a respected producer, answered the call for decent-quality toy-grade crawlers by hitting the market with the rock crawler. This crawler is qualified for the best RC truck market, with a reasonable price tag. And this truck has the potential to become the best remote control monstertrucks kids. Also this is one of the best rc truck beginners. 

There’s no clear boundary between toy and hobby vehicle. So sometimes it could be rather hard to tell one from the other. With years of RC experience I frequently caught myself scratching my head to figure that out. As some toy producers went extra mile beatifying package while giving their toys a serious look, making it even trickier to say whether you are holding a toy or a model vehicle. In the ancient days it was fairly easy to judge since all the toy RC cars were controlled by switches. But those days are long gone. Now almost all the RC toys come with proportional remote control. That said, even toys packs great fun, and can inspire first-timers to become serious hobbyists later on, children and adults alike. 



This truck still follows the solid two-motor design. (check out my other review on similiar product).  I just couldn’t help but kept pressing down the truck to see how well the suspension worked, as is the case with any other crawlers, it turned out that the shocks were not bad for a toy truck after all, by the touch of it almost felt like I was holding a hobby crawler: highly flexible, extending and retracting the way crawler with a steeper price tag did. With that three-link suspension I’m confident that this truck will conquer some really challenging terrains.

We passed the truck around the room, something we always do before the road test. The overall build quality is way above its rivals within the price range. Once again we were impressed with the suspension on this truck, the smoothness with which it worked was just fantastic. The plastic body sits high above the chassis, giving the wheels enough clearance during the rock climbing. The tires are soft and grips well. Like similiar products on the market, the Maisto Rock Crawler is equipped with two motors and two transmission assemblies, one in the front and the other in the rear. A quick tear down reveals identical internal designs for the two transmissions.


Test drive

We first tested the truck on the flat surface, and as was expected the thing was slow. But that’s not what this machine was built for. Time for a play with rocks. We picked a slightly inclined rocky slope, and the truck handled it surprisingly well. Then we moved to the next level by taking the truck to a high pile of rocks that was challenging even to the hobby-grade crawlers. It tackled the first leg, but no further after that. We strongly recommend keep the transmission lubricated if you put it through some serious climbing. Once again this is truck has the potential to enter the best rc truck market. If you are trying to find one of the best rc truck beginners, then this is the right truck for you.


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